The required number of persons duly qualified for membership having applied therefore and such application having been approved in due form.

Now therefore, pursuant to the powers conferred by the Constitution of The American Legion, this chapter is granted and those applying together with such others as may unite with them are hereby authorized to establish and maintain a post of

at Elk Plain (Spanaway) to be known as Elk Plain Post No. 118 Department of Washington, and this instrument, unless revoked or suspended, shall be conclusive evidence of the lawful existence thereof.

By the acceptance of this charter, the said Post acknowledges irrevocable jurisdiction and declares itself to be in all things subject to the Constitution of the American Legion and of the Department of Washington, and the rules, regulations, orders and laws promulgated in pursuance therefore; and further the said Post pledges itself, through its members, to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and principles of true Americanism, for the common welfare of the living and in solemn commemoration of those who died that liberty might not perish from the earth.

In witness Whereof, this charter is given under the hand and seal of the National Commander, duly attested by the National Adjutant, at National Headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, this fifth day of April, 2016 and countersign by the Commander in the Adjutant for the Department of Washington and Lacey, the 15th day of April, 2016.

American Legion POST 118

​Elk Plain, Washington​